Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Putting it to Practise

With all of the theory and learning I've done in the past little bit, it's ALL about putting it into practice.  As they say, it takes There's a saying that it takes 21 days to create a habit.  Now, I'm not sure if that's based in any type of study or not, but just think how long it would take to change a bad habit into a new one that has been there for over a decade?  Its daunting, but when you get results and feedback immediately, it's worth it.  That's what I'm going through right now with my riding, changing bad habits into correct habits and Koda is my indicator of how I'm doing.  Makes it difficult sometimes when your "indicator" is constantly jigging around due to a number of different distractions.

I've had a couple rides of just working on me and seeing how small changes affect Koda.  It's all about the conversation, and not only the conversation between Koda and I, but the conversation I have with myself.

The aim:

Me: Relax, elastic arms, weighted elbows, give with your hands, soften, support with leg.
Koda: oh wow, ok, I'll soften and track up, put on my fancy pants and be as light as a feather.

Right now:

Me: Ok, relax, weighted elbows, let him go...
Koda: nice, lots of rein, GRASS!
Me: NOT THAT MUCH, take him back but stay soft
Koda: AH!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Relax again, slow it down...
Koda: slow down?  Ok... *western jog*
Me: damnit, support with the leg!

Me: Ok, slow it down, relax my arms, weight the elbows, and keep the legs on...
Koda: OHhhhhhh, that's what you want?  No problem

Half a circle later...

And it continues on.  As we practice and move forward, we're not only getting stronger physically (along with strengthening the right muscles), we're starting to work together better.

All in all, I'm loving it :)

Oh yes, new thing I noticed about Koda - when he's really clicked in and listening, he'll turn his right ear back to me.
Another beautiful view from northern Alberta

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