Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Land of the Midnight Sun

It was solstice this past weekend so Koda and I went out for our annual midnight ride.  Our ride was TRULY at midnight as I was a bit late getting out there, but no matter as we could still see just fine.  It was a nice ride, we went out on the road a little ways solo with no issues.  Since Dandy was left alone with the pony in the yard, he called to us a few times with Koda calling back, but otherwise was nice and calm.

Heading out for our ride at midnight
When we got back to the yard, I didn't want to stop there, so I worked on what Sandy had taught me at the clinic last weekend.  Essentially, I need to be soft and fluid, using the weight in my elbows to create the connection but to not be stiff in any part of my shoulders, arms, or upper torso.  We had some nice moments but Koda seemed a bit... off to the left.  I'm going to keep my eye on it and see what happens.  I think it may just be a lack of strength to hold himself properly going to the left and I'll have to toss in some strength building exercises for him in our later rides.

View off the bridge at 1:00am
I really am enjoying this way of riding as it's so much softer and much more "one with the horse".  I know how fluffy and new-age that sounds, but it is really true.  I'm moving with Koda now instead of struggling to keep up with him, our balance with each other is better, and I'm getting to really know Koda more through our rides.  Before the clinic I used to go to the barn and go through the motions, looking at the end result of the exercise we were riding that day and not taking into consideration where we're at or how that day is going, etc.  I've become much more mentally present in my rides and I am loving it. 

Solstice is a pretty big deal up here as it is not only the longest day in the year where we don't really lose any light throughout the night, but it is also Aboriginal Day.  Since our community is mainly Métis and there are several reserves close by, we get a good taste of aboriginal culture.  My favourite part of the day was going over and listening to the drummers.  I loved the juxtaposition of modern dress (guys wearing jeans, ballcaps, etc.) while partaking in such a traditional performance. 

Drummers performing for Aboriginal Day
As time marches on, we're drawing closer and closer to a fairly big day... My Wedding!  Please don't be alarmed if posting becomes even less or more erratic... Trying to organize a wedding across the country is a bit of a logistical nightmare, but it's coming together.  I keep on thinking I've forgotten something, but really... if I've forgotten it, is it really that important to me?

Keep on smiling everyone :)

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