Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dressage Work and Trails

This one is going to be short and sweet!

For the month of September, we've been focusing on flat work and dressage.  Koda isn't the best mover, and he'll never be that horse with amazing lengthenings or can carry collection very well.  What I want to do for him is be able to show him at his best, and be able to give him the ride that makes him look as amazing as possible.  One thing we have to work on is consistency.  Sometimes we'll click and everything will be great, but maybe in a few strides, or half-way around the arena, something will change (be it myself, or a distraction pops up, or something) and we lose it.

I like big butts...
 We had one super cool schooling ride where I came out with a complete plan as to what I wanted to accomplish that ride.  Quick groom, tack up, and off we went and got it done.  There was no putzing around, no trying to figure out what I wanted to work on while riding.  I had a plan formed in my head and just did it.  Koda responded so well to that type of mental focus that I'm trying to get that for every ride.  Ride IN the moment, but have a plan as to what you want to accomplish.

Ready to ride, feel the zen
 Consistency, focus, and correctness.

I was working on this type of ride so that when we went to our clinic with Sandy Alexander, we'd be able to get into more in-depth work.

Wide open spaces.
 Between all of the dressage rides, the BO and I tacked up and went for a nice long trail ride down to the point.  She pulled out Mik, so it was going to be a fast ride!  Great for fitness, and great to just get out and go!  During the entire ride, we trotted and cantered at least 2-3 miles.  Since the crops are off the fields, the footing is absolutely wonderful.

The boys truckin' along
We had a great ride, even though the sun is setting earlier and earlier, we still managed to squeeze in a two hour trail ride before it got too dark.  Of course, the horses will always take us home no matter how dark!  Both were very well behaved on the ride home, no rushing or silly shenanigans.  I'm suspecting it was because both were tuckered out from the long trotting through the fields.

Next up - Sandy Alexander Clinic, and the disaster of getting there.

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