Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Judge My Ride!

The other day I had a stroke of brilliance and decided to bring out the camera and tripod to capture part of my ride.  We're heading to a show this weekend, and it'll be mine and Koda's first ever pure dressage show!  We're only doing one test on the first day and then there are fun classes on the next day.

Take a look at our attempts at Training Test 1 below and let me know your thoughts.  I know which one felt like it rode better, let's see if it turns out that's the one you like best!  Sorry for the wide rides, I wasn't paying much attention to the width of my "dressage arena" so my geometry is off.

Have fun and please be helpful if you see things that could be helped!  No need for nasties :)

Training 1A

Training 1B

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