Friday, 1 June 2012

The Heat is On!

Oh my goodness, it is HOT out here!  I did not expect for it to get this hot and dry this far north. 

Went for an easy ride today in preparation for our Machesis Lake ride tomorrow.  I've never been up to Machesis but the BO and our friend G say that it's a pretty great trail, excellent areas for picking through trails, sandy lanes for trotting and cantering, and (hopefully!) some natural obstacles! 

In saddle news, I've found a Harry Dabbs that I really like and am having shipped up to trial.  The seat sounds like it will fit me, and the tree seems like it will fit Koda better than the Stubben I have now, so fingers crossed! 

As for the show season, I'm not sure which ones I'll be able to make it to, due to them being so far away and not having as many holiday days available.  I am for certain am going to try to get to two horse trials, or at least one trial and perhaps a dressage show or two.  The main issue is that all of the shows are at minimum 4 hours away, and are more like 9 hours away, which mean taking holiday time to trailer down and back.  At least with the shows being so far away, Koda and I will have plenty of time to work on our partnership and communication (along with fitness... oye!).

Here's a question for the eventers - have you ever gone to a horse trial without schooling a cross country course before?


  1. Bobby's first HT was last year and we did a "hunter pace"/6 mile trail ride with some logs thrown in as a prep. Nothing close to real xcountry fences though. He went clear xcountry with no issues (including over a ditch), but it was only Starter (2').

  2. I feel your showing pain. We have a couple local (within an hour) dressage shows and one event derby. Everything else is 4+ hours away. Nearest recognized HT is I think 6+ hours away.

  3. I'm only looking to do starter this year, so that's a good thing. He actually jumps better over solid obstacles than poles, but haven't worked him over actual standards and painted poles, just some rigged up fence poles with cinder blocks as standards.