Monday, 11 June 2012

Tack Buying Anonymous

So I am in the big city for a course for work.  The course runs from the morning to about 4:30pm, and I don't generally know many people at all here, so I spend my evenings in my own company.  I don't mind the solitude, it's actually kind of nice sometimes to just get to do what I want, when I want.  Yet, one thing that I always end up doing when I'm in town is go to the tack stores!  Even if I'm not going in for something specific, I always have to go take a look, or expand my tack store list, or take a look at new breeches, saddle pad, brush, bridle, or what have you.  It is a horrible horrible, yet wonderful and joyous thing.  Today I went to two new shops and found some extra long reins for mister Koda (his neck is a LOT longer than my last horse's!).  Tomorrow I'm most likely going to hit up the regulars (Greenhawk and Tudor Tack Shoppe) to see if I can find some nice galloping boots for him.  I tried the ones I have on him, and they just barely fit, so I doubt they would stay on during a cross country run.

Does anyone else have this tack shopping addiction?  I have way too many bridles for one horse, saddles, don't even get me started, and blankets out the wazoo.  My horse will be better dressed than I am since I really dislike shopping for clothes for myself (except for boots, I really like boots for some reason...).

Help fellow bloggers!  My bank account is dying in the sea of tack shops!


  1. It's called tack whoring... I am a founding member of the support group. Currently own 5 bridles for one horse, among other things.

  2. I own so much stuff and keep buying more! Though I'm not nearly as bad as some people! Like the above poster ;)

  3. I definitely have this problem. Recently posted about it too! Were hopeless. I am only at 3....errr I mean 4 bridles if you include this weeks newest addition... I would be screwed if I was an eventer. I would find so many reasons that I need XY or Z...