Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Showing and Swelling

This is going to be a split post tonight!

Went out tonight to do night check at the barn (BO is out camping with her class as an end of the school treat), and while I was spraying Koda down (darn mosquitoes, leave him alone!) I noticed that he was swollen along his throat latch, not below, just near the ears and along that area.  Since it wasn't there yesterday (at least I didn't notice it), so I don't think it is anything too too serious.  Koda seemed a little less alert (or was really enjoying the scritches he was getting along the jaw and inside his ears) and a touch more lethargic (was dragging his toes a touch when not motivated, but is due for a trim) but otherwise, just fine.  I think it is allergies, but of course, me being the super over-protective horse mom that I am, research was needed!  From what I have read, it does sound like it's allergies and that to keep an eye on it.  I haven't found any information on remedies or treatment other than benedryl which I find a touch strange... human medication for an equine?  Not sure about that...

Has anyone had a horse with allergies?  How did you treat it, or help them stay comfortable?

In other news, Koda and I are going to our very first horse trial!  It's at the end of July, so we have about 5 weeks to prepare.  This will be my third horse trial, Koda's first.  We're going starter, so if all else fails, Koda can just step over the jumps.  For those friends across the border, the jumps are about 2 feet in stadium, cross country will consist of logs with varying decorations in front.  Now, the issue I have with this isn't the training or preparation (we're going to get exposure and have fun!), but it is the dreaded choosing of the show name.  Koda's registered name is Dakotas Lil Shocker (awful, I know), and barn name is Koda.  His sire is Dakotas Keyanti (arab), dam is Shock 'Em Star (AQHA).  The one name I have been flirting with is Aftershock, but I'm not sold on it yet.

Anyone have suggestions?


  1. We use Dex for allergies. Benadryl I haven't heard of for horses but we give it to dogs all the time for allergies.

  2. I like 'Aftershock' - very catchy for an eventer!

    Our OTTB reacts to bug bites - breaks out in large hive-like lumps. We use HistALL, made by AniMed, during summer. It is not pricey - granular med that we mix in with his feed. Works well for our guy!

  3. Aftershock is definitely better than the registered alternatives. Yikes. I always thought "Koda" sounded sort of first nations-y.

  4. That's interesting that you say "Koda" sounds like a First-Nation kind of name! Where I live, the population is essentially 75% first nation (mostly Metis or Cree).