Saturday, 4 August 2012

Back to the grind... sort of

So we're back to getting down to work, learning new things, improving fitness, learning that our canter transitions do not include throwing ourselves forward and hoping our legs untangle themselves.  When we got back from the event, the SO and I did a quick unload and check, then put Koda out with the rest of the herd.  I let him have Monday and Tuesday off, then went out to ride Wednesday.  My poor boy was TERRORIZED by the second in command (let's call him D), leaving him with ribs visible, teeth scrapes on his back, and some really nasty cuts on the underside of his dock that look like teeth as well.  I talked to the BO and she had tried to run interference with the two so that Koda could have a chance to relax and not be run down by D.  Everything has calmed down now, ironically when I went to catch him, Koda and D were grazing side by side.   Koda is going on some feed to bring his weight up again, getting some alfalfa pellet in the evenings. 

We went out for a slow hack down one of our field roads which was really nice, just walking out, letting BO and I catch up on our adventures.  For the past 2 weeks, the BO has been out in the mountains/BC with two of her horses, and I had the event and babysitting of the farm.  Her brother, S (who has some form of down's syndrome) came with us on our babysitter Jay (the SO rides her as well when he comes out with us).  When we got back, Koda and I did some work on lateral, doing some small leg-yield Vs and turns on the forehand/haunches.  I find it really funny that we can do turns on the haunches all day long, but turns on the forehand are just too difficult.  We've been working on them on the ground, and he's getting much better, but under saddle he still takes a pause and kind of spasses a bit, then relaxes and goes "Ohyeah...  THAT thing!  Got it mom, no sweat" which just cracks me up.  The past two days we've been plagued with rain (farmers aren't complaining) so haven't been out to ride, but have done some work on the ground.  We've started doing some schooling through any weird and strange place I can find, starting with doing serpentines around the BO's lettuce planters and landscaping timbers in front of the house.  I am very blessed that the BO has no qualms with me doing this with Koda and encourages me to take him wherever I see fit as long as I clean up any manure. 

For the next few days (if the weather holds) we're going to be focusing on fences and really establishing a steady forward rhythm to them.  I think I'm going to start on the lunge then move to under saddle to see how things go.  I've done this before with my previous horse, Dillon, and it really did help him learn on his own that he has to know what's going on along with me. 

P.S. I am an olympic-aholic and am LOVING the coverage we are getting for the equestrian events!  I'm sad to say I didn't wake up in time this morning for the show jumping, but luckily CTV has a full recap on their website I can watch, albeit without commentary.  Now to devise a plan on how to watch the rest of it without messing up my sleeping schedule too much...

Go Canada!!!

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