Tuesday, 7 August 2012

On The Line

Tonight I came out to find a few fresh teeth marks along Koda's back where the saddle goes, so instead of riding in the back field, we worked on the line over everything. 

It was GREAT! 

I was really surprised at how well he tackled everything, he only had one refusal when going over the tire jump for a second time.  For that he got a tap on the offending shoulder, then sent over a couple more times and he was perfect.  He even walked and trotted through the scrunched up orange tarp, at one point popping over it, with no problems or anxiety.  Nothing bothered my boy, he was all business.  Jump over these logs?  No problem!  Oh, go through this 1-stride?  Ok, on it.  The brush jump?  Sure! 

While we were working on the line I was trying to instill the word "jump!"  or "up!" whenever he came to an obstacle to go over. I like using verbal cues in my training since when I ride I am a rather talkative person (particularly on cross-country, you can hear me from a mile away).  Right at the end of the night we went over a 2'3" verticle (gotta love milk crates as standards) then went over the brush.  I didn't have him quite lined up for the brush, but called jump either way and he jumped it!  Am so happy with him :)

Now to translate this to under saddle...

Another thing I was very happy to see was he actually lifts his knees quite nicely, he doesn't hang his front legs like some quarter horses or quarter horse crosses are prone to do.  He actually jumped better over the bigger fences in the field, which makes sense since he is all about saving energy.  If he can trot over it without jumping, he will.  Same goes for cantering.

I'll try to get photos next time we're out, am so happy we have this field set up!

Need to get more milk crates

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