Sunday, 26 August 2012

Back From Vacation!

Sorry for being MIA for a while, took a greatly anticipated vacation to the homelands of Nova Scotia and Ontario!  The trip was wonderful, full of adventures, family time, relaxation, and seeing old friends.  Now we're back home and the SO needs to get ready to go back to work tomorrow and I'm prepping and packing for a week of horse fun.  I have to work tomorrow, but am heading out right afterwards for a 6 hour drive then 3-day clinic to be topped off by our last show of the season. 

I'm hoping that this clinic will help Koda and I continue on our learning curve and I can continue to ride him as a 'finished' horse.  Also, am looking to get a little further around the course this time!  I'm lucky enough to have my friend coming up for both the clinic and show and have a spot for me in her RV to bunk for the week instead of tenting it.

There isn't THAT much to prepare, since with the new trailer I keep mostly all of my tack in there, so that isn't needed to be packed.  Just need to do laundry for myself and repack everything and away we go! 

I'm a bit nervous for the clinic, but we are in the starter level, so we're where we should be.  I haven't ridden with an instructor for a year, and Koda is still very green to this eventing game, along with us being a new combination, it'll be interesting to say the least :)

Will hopefully have some internet access while I'm away so I can keep you updated!  The SO can't come with this time (working) so will be, as they say, riding solo!

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