Monday, 6 August 2012

The Back Field

So last night the BO and I set up a huge obstacle/cross country course in our back field.  It is great!  We have set up:  a box and brush jump, blue barrel jump, moved the logs over to the field, milk crate jumps, a tire jump, and some ground pole exercises.  We have the orange tarp set up on a post,along with a tire to be dragged a la cowboytrail challenge.

It took a while to set up, but Koda and I went in to have fun either way.  It was a short, but productive ride.  Koda took most of it in-stride, surprisingly, but was afraid of... the panel that acts as a gate to get into the field.  No, he didn't look at the orange tarp flapping in the breeze, brush jumps, big blue barrels pffft, that's nothing!  But the panel that he's seen ever since he's been here was the horse eating monster of the field.  Oh, Koda...

Am planning on going around it some more tonight, perhaps even stringing together a nice little course :)

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some more photos from the event.

Love this shot!

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