Saturday, 18 January 2014

Barn Blog Hop

Also known as a photo session!
Because of where I live and board, a few of these questions will overlap, so please bear with me.

1. and 2.  View of the barn and my horse's living space:

Tied to the trailer, our 'cross ties' if you will
The barn in winter (small paddock, part of the front field
and part of the yard)
North side of the back pasture
South side of the back pasture
3.  View of the tackroom:

Behind Koda and I stands the tack room... aka the trailer.
Over the winter, all liquids and gels come home along
with my leather goods, including saddles and bridles.
It makes for a cramped fit in the house, but it works and
 keeps my tack from drying out.

4.  View of where I ride:
The great thing about where I live is all the choices of where to ride, depending on what you want to do.

Rocky Lane Trails, good for conditioning and hillwork
Field roads around the farm, nice trail for hacks
Back field set up as a jumping area, perfect for schooling
The yard... again!  It has nice footing in spring and fall
Indoor arena at Rocky Lane Ag. Farm, perfect for getting
out of the weather and into some nice footing.  Those back
panels aren't usually set up unless you're working cows
5.  Favourite feature:

This one is a bit tough, since it's not something tangible that you can take a picture of.  As most of you know, living where I do is pretty tough, let alone keeping horses.  I'm so grateful to be keeping my horse with someone who has been living here for years and has had horses for all of them.  A has so much knowledge on horse keeping in this climate, and I am stress-free, knowing Koda's day to day care is in great hands.  A is a wonderful horsewoman who loves all of her equines, be it hers or her boarders

A and her gelding Mik
Now it's your turn! Several of you have already done the hop, but for those who haven't, here you go:  all you have to do is show us the five following places:

1.  The barn
2.  Your horse's living space
3.  The tack room
4.  Riding areas
5.  Favourite feature


  1. Tons of places to ride, but I still get a bit creeped since they are all open areas so if anything were to happen... yeah. Need to work on that one