Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winter Time Questionnaire: Part 1

As winter is still raging outside, my blog entries have been sliding a bit!  I'm hoping to start bringing Koda back into work tomorrow with the expectation of warmer weather (com'on -15... please?!).  I was going to haul out today, but with blowing snow and colder than expected temps plus The Fiance needing help at the school, I got lucky and switched my booking from today to tomorrow.

In the mean time, I'm going to grab this quick questionnaire that's been floating around a few blogs to pass the time away.  Nevertheless, here's some more insight into the life of Koda and I.

1.  Favourite thing about riding?  That unique relationship you have with your horse.  It's a hard one to explain to people who aren't already in the know, but that feeling of flying across the field or doing that perfect transition with this animal... magic

2.  Green horse or trained horse?  I'm going to go with an in-between.  A finished horse is super nice, but I like having a hand in training my horse at least in part.  I bought Koda when he was a basic w-t-c who knew a bit of lateral work, but I started him over fences and am working on continuing his education as best I can.

3.  Have you ever wanted to quit riding?  I actually went on a hiatus when I first went to university.  I didn't have transportation to a barn and wasn't actively looking to ride until the idea of having a team for the IHSA came about.  Since then, I have never wanted to leave horses and I doubt I'll ever will.

4.  Do you prefer to ride inside or outside?  Depends on what I'm doing (and the weather!), but will ride in either space.  One thing I do prefer to have when riding alone is riding in an enclosed area, either in a large fenced field, or outdoor arena, or what have you.  

5.  On average, how many time do you ride a week?  When actively training, I ride 3-4 times a week.

After a fall ride

6.  Have you ever fallen off at a show?  How?  I've never fallen at a show, but I haven't been showing for very long (knock on wood).  I'm sure it'll happen eventually, and I hope it'll be a soft tumble when it happens.

7.  Do you have a private or group lesson?  When I took lessons, they were usually private or semi-private.  I enjoy group lessons, but the semi-privates were what I enjoyed the best.  More one-on-one time, plus little breaks to think of what you're doing.

8.  In your opinion, does it make you less of a rider if you don't own a horse?  Absolutely not.  I didn't own my own horse until I was 25, before then I was half-leasing or riding lesson and camp horses!

9.  Do you plan on having horses in your life for the rest of your life?  Yes

10.  If you could ride any famous horse (dead or alive) who would it be?  Big Ben.

11.  Does winning ribbons matter to you?  Short answer? Yes.  I usually want to go out to a competition prepared and ready to do our best.  As a competitive person, I want to do well and am always please bringing home some satin!  Yet, in all honesty, I try to keep my expectations realistic and for now, Koda and I are looking to have some solid completions as we feel our way into Alberta eventing.

At my first off-site show

12.  Worst riding experience?  One of my worst riding experiences was when I had Celtic.  At some times, she would be fine, but most of the time we were just AT each other, picking and nagging and just not good.  At the end of that relationship, I felt like I wasn't a rider and not worthy of even owning a horse.  We had devolved from w-t-c and baby jumps to not being able to do halt to walk transitions without flying across the arena.  For more insight, check out early blog entries in 2012.

Schooling ride on Celtic

13.  Describe a time when you wanted another equestrian to fail at something.
Honestly?  I've never wanted someone to fail.

14.  Describe the proudest or happiest moment you can think of in your riding career.
Completing South Peace Horse Trials last summer.  I took Koda from being a w-t-c horse to a budding eventer with just me riding him, no real training, and work. I can't wait for the snow to be gone!!!

We ended on a NUMBER!

Stay tuned for Part 2

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