Sunday, 12 January 2014

Winter Time Questionnaire: Part 2

And to continue on from where we left off!

15.  Do you think any disciplines are cruel?  Disciplines, no, but people within those disciplines?  Absolutely.

16.  Your worst riding habit.  Getting ahead.

Case and point... although it has gotten better

17.  When you're in the show ring, what's going through your mind?  Where's my next jump/movement, is that corner correct, remember this is where we have trouble, watch your shoulders, keep your legs on, keep your eyes up and looking around, steady hands, fuzz, what's next?!?!?! Oh, yes, keep going... and breathe.

18.  If you owned a barn, would you try for a laid back casual atmosphere, or a professional fast paced one?  I'd like professional but not exactly fast-paced.  Professional and laid back can go together :)

19.  If I give you a $2,000.00 gift card to your favourite tack store/online retailer, what would you buy?  A few items for myself, but most likely a bunch of stuff needed by the camps I worked at back home that are in dire need of donations/funds.

I miss these guys!!

20.  You're riding in an arena at home with several other riders, and one of them obviously doesn't know the rules of the ring, even though they're posted.  The others are clearly annoyed, would you do anything?  I'd try to politely point them out or let them know some of the more basic rules.  If the person didn't seem like someone who would take to that, I'd continue doing my ride or head out.

21.  Worst fear riding?  Falling in an open space and my horse getting hurt/killed, particularly on a road.

22.  How old do you imagine you'll be when you stop riding, and what's the cause?  I truly hope to never stop riding, but if and when I do I think it may be out of arthritis or physical limitation.

23.  If you could own any number of horses, would they all be the same discipline or a mix?  A mix!  I like to dabble in different things :)

24.  Favourite colours for your horse?  I'm in the middle of switching from red to green, so the dressing room of my trailer looks a bit like Christmas right now.

25.  Favourite tack brand?  Stubben for saddles and their accessories, and five star tack for bridles and martingales.  I have what I want now (and too much really!) so am content in my tack inventory.  Now is the time to save money to show and clinic.

My precious (that needs conditioning)

26.  If given the opportunity, would you breeze a racehorse?  I think so...

27.  Three "You know you're an equestrian when..."

You know you're an equestrian when you refer to vegetables portions as flakes.  Example:  I only took one flake of lettuce for the salad, so we may need more.

You know you're an equestrian when you can't sit through a movie that has horses in it without pointing out either the riding, the tack, the fake horse noises, the switching of horses, etc.

You know you're an equestrian when your wardrobe is separate as follows: mucking clothes, schooling clothes, clinic appropriate shirts, show clothes, and then everything else.


  1. My barn is a good combination of professional and laid back. I love it. You should come! ;)

  2. Fingers crossed we'll be able to make the move in the next couple years!