Sunday, 2 September 2012

South Peace Eventing Clinic, Day 1

So this past week Koda and I travelled down to Grande Prairie for an eventing clinic.  Of course I jumped at the chance to get some instruction, let alone it be in eventing, so the cheque was written and off we went! 

We are lucky enough to know some people that are at about the half-way mark between here and Grande Prairie, so we could lay over there and make the haul a bit less taxing on Koda and me.  We arrived at the clinic with about an hour to get tacked up and ready.  I met up with friends that I was staying with, and away we went!  Within the first few minutes of the lesson, I knew this was going to be an interesting week since the clinician immediately started putting us through our paces, and teaching as if she was teaching young kids instead of adults.  Don't get me wrong, the exercises we were doing were good, but she was the type of coach that would say "good job" or "nice ride" without any feedback at most points, or would repeat the same tip for each rider over and over again. 

There were a lot of firsts for Koda on day 1, canter poles, longer grid work, and our first oxer.  The grid was a bit much for him, I think he was a bit overwhelmed with the placing poles and jumps in the grid, but we conquered it and never had a stop at any of the single fences.  Was very proud of my boy after a rough start to the lesson.  After this first day I discovered that Koda does need an extensive warm-up and the first few canter transitions should be done in a light half-seat.  I'm hoping to get him to a chiropractor or massage therapist to take a look at his back to see if something is making him cold-backed.  I'm also looking at maybe getting a back on track blanket or quarter sheet, but will have to do more research before taking the plunge.

I'll be getting some photos later on, but not until Days 2, and 3.

Happy September Everyone!


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