Sunday, 2 June 2013

Kathy Playdon Clinic Day 2 AM

The second day of the clinic started off with us doing a lot of flat work, focusing on lateral movements.  It was a bit of a slower lesson mainly because the one girl did not know what leg yielding was, let alone how to execute it.  We did get up to do some more complicated movements including shoulder-in at trot and the beginning of counter canter.  Koda is actually fairly good at lateral work, and is now pretty much confirmed in shoulder-in.  If I'm consistent in my aids, he is consistent in his bend/hoof placement.  Without further ado, here are some videos!

Shoulder-In to the right

Shoulder-In to the left

When looking at the two videos, it shows that Koda has the potential to be rather fancy, just need to get him moving FORWARD into the bridle and movement.  We're working on the forward with very forward hacks around the front fields in trot and canter (kind of like mini trot/canter sets).  

Counter-Canter, left lead

Counter-Canter, right lead

When we're working, I need to make sure that I'm not resorting to the body-pump to keep Koda going.  My ideal would be to cue for the gait and speed that I want and have him carry himself until I ask for something different.  That's what we're working towards.  Essentially, the "how fast?" instead of "really, mom?  Are you SURE you want me to go forward?  Like, REALLY sure?".  

Overall, I was and still am super jazzed about how Koda did in this first lesson!  I had never schooled counter-canter myself (one time we tried to with Dillon, we tripped over the lip of the arena and went arse over tea-kettle), so wasn't sure how Koda would do.  He doesn't tend to swap leads, so I was certain he would hold the lead, but the likelyhood of him falling out of the aids, or down to a trot were very likely.  He did feel more flexible on the right lead than the left, but we'll work on his flexibility.  Along with that, I need to watch that I'm not over-cueing with my right aids, or sending mixed messages (as per day 1 with the exercise down center line).  

What do you guys think?  Do you think we're ready to do some walk/trot and Training level dressage tests?  There's a "local" dressage show happening at the end of June and am really wanting to get down to it to give Koda some exposure at a slightly lower energy venue than a full on event.  



  1. I was surprised how much work counter-canter can be, "mom this feels funny, I'm suddenly gonna be good about lead changes because your confused". I don't ride dressage but if there is a little schooling show you could go to, and don't mind possibly not placing, then go for the experience.

  2. Do the dressage show!!! The more exposure the better!