Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saturday's Ride

Heading out on the trail, barn dog Smudge leading the way!
(Note: Fly bonnet in place)

Heading down the field road
(Note: Lack of fly bonnet)

Apparently Koda took offense to the fly bonnet to the point that he almost shook it off (got it off his one ear before the tie string saved it).  This horse gets such bad bites in his ears, yet cannot handle a fly bonnet.  it ended up in the back pocket (aka tucked into the back of my breeches) for the rest of the ride.  
Ah well...

Beautiful green fields... sadly, these are crops, so no riding on these until harvest.

Part of Koda's exposure to 'new' things on the trail.
He grabbed a drink on the way.  These puddles were one of those slick/deep puddles of clay like mud.  He was really interested in checking these puddles out along with the mud cracks and deep ruts from the work equipment using the road.  

He REALLY liked the mud puddles...

It was too hot to do a full on trot/canter set, so long walk 
trail and then a few short canters at home.

Yay!  Koda has at least SOME extension!

Plus can come back down and be semi-fancy too

Love this pony


  1. It's awesome and exactly what we need! We'll be doing more and more of this while we wait for the trailer to come back.