Saturday, 22 June 2013

Summer Solstice

Yesterday was the summer solstice, and up here that means essentially you get 18 hours of actual sunlight, and it never actually gets dark.  One of the people in town always has a party, so the SO and I with friends headed over!  Halfway through the night, I nipped out to the barn to go for a sunset ride.

It was absolutely fantastic

It started with some excitement as the BO's horse, Dandy, wasn't very keen on getting ridden, so he went for a bit of a yahoo around with Mik.

Ran around the front pasture twice, bucking and twisting as they went...

Before heading out, I grabbed a quick shot of my watch since my photos don't have time stamps on them to prove the time, and off we went!

Down the road we go!

We did a pretty easy ride, down the road to the point but we didn't make it there (I had to get back to the party in town), so we stopped half way and let the horses chow down while I played around with my camera.
Staring at one of the barn dogs in the woods

Yup, that's the moon behind us!

BO and Dandy with the other barn dog Smudge in behind

It was a great ride, rode on the buckle most of the way, and considering the last time we went down this road Koda had his rodeo moment, I was extremely happy!

All smiles

We got back to the yard and still could easily untack without lights.  The time we got back home from the party, the sun was actually starting to rise again (around 1:30 or so).  One of the good things about living in the far north.


  1. I would not be able to sleep with that much light! Crazy!

  2. Dark curtains are your best friend :)
    Sun rise is around 4/4:30am!! Very disconcerting when you wake up and it's light, but you still have 3 hours to sleep.