Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dressage Ride

Today I got to catch a trailer ride to the community indoor arena, so Koda and I did some dressage work.  I have tried to do some of this schooling at home or on the trails and in the fields, but it's never really quite the same as when you're schooling in an arena.  Our ride went well, we dabbled in some leg yields (great to the left, overbent to the right), lengthen and shorten of stride, and canter transitions (again, better left than right).

In April, getting to know each other

He was trying hard for me today, was very consistent in what he can give right now.  Gave a little lengthening, but I have to be VERY careful I post bigger along with ask for more with leg and not get lazy and expect his stride to cause me to post bigger.  Our canter work was much better than usual, me starting off in a light 3-point seat.  I cannot wait to get him looked at by a chiropractor or massage therapist!  Usually when we canter, I get a bit of a side-winder going on, particularly if I'm sitting.  In the light 3-point seat, he's much happier.  Either way, our canter was much better today than previous rides.

In May, by the dugout.

I'm hoping to get to do more of these dressage schoolings, either at home in the back field and just do it, or at the arena.  We need more of these types of rides to build the right muscles!  I see how our winter is going to be spent...

June, at Machesis Lake - Where to next, mom?

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