Sunday, 16 September 2012


So, some of you may have suspected that me and the SO are fairly active people.  We love the outdoors, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. and for the past couple of years, geocaching.  What is geocaching you ask? 

Here's a video that explains it well:

When we go geocaching, we go more for the adventure of finding a new cool place, those hidden gems that are off the beaten path.  Here are some shots of some of my favourites. 

Group geocaching at James River Falls

Out by the coast

Search high and low!

An all-time favourite spot to go

Don't leave any rock unturned

Take a break and enjoy the view :)

Climbing may be required

The joy of the find!

In the Northwest Territories

Yesterday, we introduced our new friends to geocaching up north.  Since it was also Pony Club lesson day at the arena, we decided to cache there, and I would bring Koda and ride along with them.  The trails by the community riding arena are absolutely gorgeous.  No motorized vehicles allowed, and the trails are maintained for cross country skiing in the winter, and hikers, runners, cyclists, and riders during the rest of the year.  They twist and turn through a small valley beside the Boyer and Ponton Rivers. The great thing about this trail system is that you can go for short hikes (20mins) or longer ones (4-5 hours).  You can also camp down along the river, but please pack out your garbage.  There are plenty of hills on these trails, so it's perfect for conditioning work. 

While they were hiking along looking for the geocache, I took Koda further past, trotting and cantering over the fairly steep but short hills.  It was awesome!!!!  Had the stirrups jacked up properly, and we just flew.  I wasn't sure how Koda would handle going down those steep hills (no joke, in some spots is was so steep that the ground was eroding away, no grass), but he handled it well.  We still had some calling out to friends issues, but that calmed down after a bit.  When I had to head up to teach, we cantered and trotted all the way back, walking up the long hill to the mustering area. 


  1. Cool pictures!! It's a good thing you aren't deterred by the snow. You certainly seem to have enough of it!

  2. and that's not even up here. Those are all mostly from Nova Scotia and we're now up in the northern reaches of Alberta

  3. Sounds like a fantastic place to go hacking!! How lucky to have that near you.

    I've been intrigued by geocaching for a while now, but never tried it. Where in NS did you do most of your geocaching/your most memorable geocaching? I'm in Halifax and my mare is in Falmouth.

  4. I was up in the Antigonish area, went to school up there. There are TONS of geocaches all around the province though! Just have to go onto the website and find them ;)

    If they're up here, I'm convinced you'll be able to find some anywhere.