Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Addition

Sorry I haven't been posting as much as before!  We have been dealing with a possible new addition to the family.  For a while now, I have wanted to adopt a dog from the SPCA.  We live in an area where stray dogs are found all the time, abandoned dogs or dogs that have been picked up and their families cannot pay the fine for a stray dog found around town.  A month ago I discovered the SPCA facebook page in the nearby large town.  On the page there was a gorgeous dog that just screamed "adopt me!  I am adorable!". 

The SO was a bit more reluctant, but after we met with the SPCA at the local community night, we decided to go a bit further and do some research on the dog we were interested in.  From what they could see, he was an abused dog, but knew some things.  He was respectful of the leash, not aggressive, quiet, no growl/bite/bark in him.  We decided to go visit him in person.  He won us over.  Broke my heart to see him cower whenever a new person came up to him, but with his usual handlers, he was absolutely loving.  We took him for a long walk and decided we wanted to see how he did with our current furry family (2 indoor cats).  We were going to take him on foster the next week, but he was scheduled to head to the Edmonton SPCA as he had been up here for too long.  So, we ended up taking him for the weekend to see how he did.  As expected, the cats just ignored or bossed him around.  He was weary of the cats, but respectful.  He got used to us as well, liking me more so than the SO.  I think that was because he was abused by a man before, possibly, we're not sure.

On Monday, I had to head down to another town for training for my job, and the SO wanted both of us home for now with the pup, so he went back to the SPCA, as we had discussed with them before we took him for foster.  I am going to pick him up again on Friday and he will be coming home with us to stay! 

Here is our new addition!

Name:  Shilo (he's shy)
Age: Approximately 2
Breed:  Mix of shepherd, husky, maybe chow-chow.
Size:  Medium/Large


  1. SO FLUFFY!! I can see how you couldn't turn down that face.

  2. I have such a hard time going into the SPCA (i also live in the Edmonton Area)i want to take them all home!!

    Glad you were able to give him a good home and i love the process you guys went through you didnt rush into anything unlike most people.

    Cant wait to hear more about him!!

  3. OMG he is adorable!!!!!! Congrats!! :)

  4. He's going to need some work, trust issues and all that, but he seems to turn around rather quickly once he realizes he's not going to be hurt. Absolutely adorable! The second night we had him, he snuggled with me on the couch.

  5. What a handsome guy! Good for you - so many unwanted dogs and cats in the world.

  6. He's very cute. :)

    And congrats for adopting - it's such a rewarding thing to do.