Monday, 17 September 2012

Helmet Cam!

Tonight, the BO and I went out again to explore.  Our ponies were a little more tired than last night, but still had some pep in their step.  Tonight was the night for wildlife encounters.  We almost got run over by a deer that was flushed out of the brush by the dogs.  While it ran off, it was just springing off the ground constantly, looked hilarious and adorable all at once.  Sadly, I didn't get it on video, but I did get the bear!  It only looks like a black dot on the camera, but it was running along a tree line away from us.  We watched it go as the dogs (of course...) went tearing off after it.  Thankfully, they heeded their owner's calls and curved back to us.

I tried out the helmet cam for the first time tonight, and checking out the videos, I need to tilt it down one so that you can actually see Koda's ears.


Don't mind the chatting, I tend to talk to Koda a lot while I'm riding. 

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