Sunday, 9 September 2012

South Peace Clinic, Day 2 - Part 2

Here is the second part of day 2 of the clinic.  This is the first time Koda has ever schooled a real cross country course, it was an interesting day!  I was having trouble keeping all the body parts together, and the clinician kept saying to keep my shoulders back to the point where I was almost vertical over fences...

Anyways, here you go!  Day 2, part 2:  Koda schools cross country

Warm-up log

Through the water, big trot!

We were becoming pros at logs...

More logs, slightly better position, still getting ahead though.
Love Koda's expression in this one though!

One of two awkward/frustrating moments of the day.

That's better!  (stop getting ahead of your horse...)

This log we actually jumped well and cantered off to another one

To help remedy my tendency to get ahead and have my legs swing out, tonight during our hack with the BO, whenever we trotted, I was up in a light three-point/half seat, focusing on really sinking my weight into my heels but keeping them soft.  We actually went for a fairly decent hack, trotting at least 1.5 miles total, and for one stretch we went for a mile playing a bit of leap frog rating our horses back and forth beside each other.  


  1. Thanks, they're the elation cotton pull ons. Yay for cheapie breeches :)