Sunday, 23 September 2012

Friday Night.... with No Lights?!

This past Friday, me and the ladies went for an evening ride to the point.  During the ride, Koda and I did some trot work, working on balance and rhythm along with shortening/lengthening and some lateral work to weave around the other riders.  Gotta love easy-going herd-mates! 

We left the yard quite late as one of the ladies got caught up at her own farm, but we headed out all the same.  Some of the farmers were out working on their fields, and Koda handled that like a champ!  We still have some tender soles in the front feet, so we stick to the grassy shoulder and fields where he's quite comfortable to move out.  I took the helmet came out with me and here are a few short clips of what went on.

Going through the summer fallow

Heading down the road.  The colours were absolutely lovely

Canter through the best footing around! 
Notice our lovely veer towards the group near the end...

The point

At the point, we saw plenty of deer and a combine working late into the night.  When we got home, it was PITCH black.  We didn't think it would be that dark, but of course the days are getting shorter, and the yard lights are both burnt out.  Luckily we have more lights around the yard that needed to be turned on, then we were good to go. 

In other news, a new clinician is coming up for a weekend in October.  She's supposedly an english clinician, and does quite a bit in Pony Club.  I'm interested in doing the clinic, but I'm curious/worried about how she teaches... it will be an interesting time to say the least!  It sounds like the Pony Club volunteers will get to ride for free and that the Pony Club will pay for the clinic (yay, free clinic!).


  1. Hey! I thought you were more likely to see an answer to your question here than on my blog, so here goes:

    I'm riding with these reins:

    They're the same as the nunn finer soft grip reins, but for a much friendlier price. I'm not wild about web reins, so I don't keep any around. Good luck!

  2. Yay helmet cam!! We can see the Koda ears this time:)